Stay Well

Stay Well

Taking Care of Yourself

The human body has remarkable healing capabilities. If you cut or burn your finger, you know it will heal.

You also have an immune system that is continually working to fight off disease and infection.

While your body has amazing healing powers, it is important that you do whatever you can to keep your body and immune system strong and healthy.

  • Personal Hygiene –

    • Keep your body, hair, teeth, and clothes clean.

  • Preventative Care –

    • Live a healthy lifestyle and take preventative measures.

  • Be Smart –

    • Don’t engage in dangerous or risky activities.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Personal Hygiene

Good personal hygiene not only improves your appearance, it helps protect you against infection and disease.


Shower regularly to keep your body clean and to ensure that you look, smell, and feel good.

Hair care

Find a shampoo that’s right for your hair and use it often.

Dental care

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every day. Thorough brushing and flossing will help reduce bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay.

Nail care

Keep your nails clean and trimmed.

Skin care

Uses soap, water, and sunscreen for healthy, clear skin. If you have problems or questions, see a dermatologist.


Do laundry often to ensure that your clothes are clean and smell fresh.

Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health.

Preventative Care

Take preventative measures to build a strong immune system and stay healthy.

Hand Washing -

Washing your hands is the BEST way to prevent the spread of disease. Wash your hands thoroughly and often, use hand sanitizers, and cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm (the “vampire sneeze”).

Diet -

  • Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Choose whole grains, lean meats, and healthy snacks.

  • Eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water.

  • Avoid high calorie, high fat foods and practice portion control.

Sleep -

To be alert and have the energy you need, get 8 hours of sleep each night. Don’t think that you can catch upon your sleep during the weekend. Get the sleep you need every night.

Exercise -

Regular exercise will help you feel good, build strong muscles and bones, maintain a healthy weight, and increase your energy level.

Check-ups and immunizations -

See your doctor for an annual check-up and to discuss any health issues you may have. Your doctor will also provide the immunizations you need to reduce your risk of illness.

Dental care -

See your dentist every 6-12 months for a cleaning and check-up.

Eye Care -

Get your eyes checked regularly, particularly if you wear glasses.

Living Area -

Maintaining a clean living environment (including clean sheets and towels) will help control germs, harmful bacteria, and insects.

Stress -

A little stress can help you stay alert. Too much stress, however, can make you sick, compromise your immune system, and take the joy out of life. Find healthy ways to manage stress.

If you have health related questions or concerns, talk to a professional. Get answers!

Be Smart

While you’ve heard all of the following before, these messages regarding alcohol and drugs are important enough to be repeated.

  • Don’t smoke – it’s bad for your body, it’s smelly, and it’s expensive.

  • Don’t use smokeless tobacco – you can get mouth sores, mouth cancer, and it’s expensive.

  • Don’t abuse over-the counter or prescription drugs. While they may seem safe, they are not.

  • If you are an athlete and want to put on weight or increase muscle, don’t use steroids. Talk to your coach or trainer about diet and exercise options.

  • Hang out in groups. Don’t ever drink something that’s been out of your sight. (The date rape drug is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.)

  • If you are under 21, don’t drink. It’s illegal and it impairs your judgment.

  • Never get in the care with someone who is under the influence. Call a family member, friend, or cab.

“Health is a relationship between you and your body.” ~ Terri Guillemets