Military Scholarships

In the past twelve years, Fisher House has awarded more than $10 million dollars in educational backing to children and spouses of those in the military. Their Military Children Program is sponsored in part by donations from manufacturers and suppliers of military products. $1500 scholarships that go towards tuition, fees, books, lab supplies and other educational costs are awarded to qualified applicants from various commissary locations throughout the US. Unmarried dependents under the age of 23 who wish to attend an accredited university may apply for this scholarship.

  • Hero’s Legacy Scholarships award the children of military member who has died or been permanently disabled in service after 2001. These awards are funded from the proceeds of a letter/book that Barack Obama wrote to his daughters, “Of Thee I Sing”. Scholarship grants from this program will cover the full cost of tuition, room and board, and fees at the college of the recipient’s choice. A similar award is open to spouses of military members who wish to pursue a GED, degree program or other form of training.

    No Angel Left Behind

    No Angel Left Behind honors fallen soldiers and wounded warriors by providing financial aid to their children to help them like the American Dream.

    Freedom Alliance

    Children of a military member who was killed or permanently disabled in service may be eligible for one of several scholarships available from Freedom Alliance. This military support organization works to promote education and has given away over $5 million in scholarship funding to deserving students over the past few years.

    Students who receive a Freedom Alliance scholarship can use the money to attend any public, private or vocational training program that is accredited in the US. Application information can be found on the website.