Careers in English

If you like to do any of the following, a career in English might be right for you!

  • Read short stories and novels

  • Keep a journal

  • Analyze poetry and literature

  • Write blogs

  • Do crossword puzzles or play Scrabble

  • Write essays, poetry, or short stories

  • Do research

  • Discuss and analyze movies

  • Give presentations or speeches

Studying English will develop your critical thinks and your communication skills. Many top companies hire English majors specifically for these skills!

Careers in English

 Studying English, journalism, or communications will prepare you for a wide variety of careers.  Here are few popular English careers.

Editor – reviews and edits someone else’s writing in order to prepare it for publication       or broadcast

Editorial assistant – checks facts and statistics, does research, and helps with layouts

Public relations specialist – works to improve the public image of a company or organization

English Teacher/Professor – instructs students in the subject of English

Lawyer – advises clients on matters of the law and represents clients in lawsuits

Customer service representative – helps customers, answers question, and responds to complaints

Personal manager – hires and trains new employees, and evaluates employee performance

Writer – writes text that analyzes information, gives an opinion, presents facts, or tells a story

More Careers in English

Administrative assistant
Public relations specialist
Radio/TV announcer
Speech pathologist
Web content developer

Writing Careers

 If you are good with words, consider one of these writing careers.

Author – writes novels, short stories, essays, and other literary works

Columnist – writes articles that appear regularly in newspapers, magazines, or on the internet

Copywriter – puts together advertising copy to help companies and organizations sell their products and services

Editorial Writer – writes about topics of interest in order to influence public opinion

Journalist – gathers facts and information to write objective, unbiased reports for radio, newspaper, TV, and the internet (Journalists are also referred to as reporters, news writers, and news analysts.)

Screenwriter – writes scripts and screenplays for film and television

Sports Writer – writes about sporting events, sports news, and sports topics

Technical Writer – creates documents that analyze and explain technical and scientific information to less technical readers

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English Fun Facts

  • New words are added to the dictionary every year.  Here are some of the latest additions: high definition, live-stream, bit coin, frack, and cyberespionage.

  • Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”.

  • No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, or purple.

  • These famous people were all English majors:

    • Steven Spielberg, filmmaker

    • Clarence Thomas, US Supreme Court Justice

    • Conan O’Brien, talk show host

    • John Legend, recording artist

    • Sally Ride, astronaut

    • Reese Witherspoon, actress

    • Michael Eisner, CEO of Walt Disney

    • Matt Damon, actor

    • Diane Sawyer, broadcast journalist

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas wont’ get you anywhere.”                 ~Lee Iacocca

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