Careers in Social Studies

If you like to do any of the following, a career in social studies might be right for you!

  • Read the newspaper

  • Study maps

  • Watch the History Channel

  • Discuss or debate ideas

  • Keep up on current events

  • Be a leader

  • Help those less fortunate

  • Discuss politics learn about past events

  • Read magazines like Newsweek and Time

Social Studies Subjects

Studying social studies helps us understand who we are.  Social studies course look at how people have lived and interacted in the past, and how we live and interact today.

A wide variety of subjects fall under the heading of Social Studies.  Below is a partial listing of Social Studies subjects, along with a brief description of each subject’s focus.

Anthropology the origin and behavior of man

Archaeology – artifacts from past cultures

Comparative Religion – world religions

Criminal Justice – crime and law enforcement

Economics – commerce, wealth, and money

Geography – the earth’s surface

History – past events

Philosophy – beliefs about ourselves and our universe

Political Science – government

Psychology – the human mind and behavior

Sociology– society and social behaviors

Urban Planning – community development

Social Studies Careers

Careers in Criminal Justice

Attorney       Customs agent        Corrections officer   Police officer         Criminologist           Probation officer

Careers in Economics

Banker          Business manager   Economist     Financial analyst     Insurance agent      Stockbroker

 Careers in Geography

Cartographer           Conservationist       GIS specialist      Meteorologist       Outdoor guide               Park ranger

Careers in Political Science

Attorney       Campaign worker              City planner            Lobbyist                 Political commentator        Politician

Careers in Psychology

Child psychologist    Clinical psychologist          Developmental psychologist       Forensic psychologist  School psychologist           Sports psychologist           

Careers in Sociology

Children’s services worker          Probation officer               Family counselor    Community social worker                  School social worker              Substance abuse counselor

 More Social Studies Careers

Social studies provides a solid background for a number of careers for you to consider.

  • Anthropologist

  • Archaeologist

  • City manager

  • College professor

  • Computer mapper

  • Congressional aide

  • Court officer crime scene investigator

  • Environmentalist

  • Forestry technician

  • Health administrator

  • Historian

  • Immigration officer

  • Journalist

  • Judge

  • Labor relations specialist

  • Mental health counselor

  • News editor

  • Paralegal

  • Peace Corps volunteer

  • Political analyst

  • Public health worker

  • Public relations specialist

  • Real estate agent

  • Religious worker

  • Reporter

  • State legislator

  • Surveyor

  • Teacher

  • Transportation planner

  • Travel agent

  • Urban planner


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Social Studies Fun Facts


  • The rings on the Olympic flag are red, black, blue, green, and yellow (on a white background).  These colors were chosen because the flag of every nation on the earth has at least of these colors.

  • When armored knights rode past their king, they raised their visors to identify themselves.  This is how the military salute began.

  • Until 1796, there was a state in the United States called Franklin.  Today it’s known as Tennessee.

  • Because the International Date Line runs between Alaska and Russia, you can get on a plane in Russia on Tuesday morning and have lunch in Alaska on Monday.

  • The Spanish American war was the shortest war in American history. It lasted five months.

  • Finland has more islands than any other country in the world - 179,584.

  • Bears are cautious animals.  Bulls “charge ahead.”  When stock prices are falling, we are said to be in a “bear market”.  When stock prices are rising, we are said to be in a “bull market”.

  • Sand dunes in the Sahara desert can reach 600 feet.

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