SAT requirement did change from 1020 to 1030, but our ACT requirement did not change. It still remains at a composite of 20. 

Scholarship Applications

Carefully read the description for each application. NSU is not responsible for placing applications in the correct category. It is the student's responsibility to fill out the correct application. After reading the descriptions below, please select the correct category from the list on the left side of the page.

Freshmen Application
This application is for incoming freshmen only. Fill this out only if you are a 2020 high school graduate, or have never attended college before. Even if you have concurrent college hours completed while in high school, you are still considered an incoming freshman.

Continuing Application
This application is for students currently attending NSU. You may also fill out this application if you are not currently enrolled, but NSU was the last school you attended.  You will also complete this application if Spring 2020 is your first semester at NSU.

Transfer Application 
This application is for new transfer students. Fill this out only if you are attending NSU for the first time during the Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 semester. If you will attend NSU during Spring 2020, fill out the Continuing Application.

Optometry students do not need to fill out a scholarship application. Awards for these students are made internally within the college. There is no need to contact your program, simply being an enrolled/admitted student makes you eligible for selection.