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Beggs Emergency Procedures
A fundamental goal of a school community is to help students learn and thrive to the best of their abilities.  Safety and a sense of security are necessary components of good learning environments.
Sometimes serious danger threatens a school, whether it is man-made, such as a school shooting or gang violence, or a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood.  When a danger is life-threatening or poses a threat of serious injury, it becomes a potentially traumatic event for students and staff.
Unfortunately, dangerous incidents at or around schools occur at an alarming rate.
  • The US Department of Justice has reported that 1% of students ranging in age from 12 to 18 years, or 225,000 children, have been victims of serious violent crimes either at school or as they traveled to and from it.
  • Then National School Safety Center has reported that about 75% of school-associated deaths over the past decade involved the use of firearms, and that there were as many as 12 bully-related and 16 hate-crimes deaths.
*National Child Traumatic Stress Network-General Introduction
At Beggs Public Schools, the students are our top priority.  All of our policies and procedures are written to provide the best education possible, as well as the best care in the affective domain of each student's life.  In addition, we are vitally concerned with the physical safety and security of all students and staff members.
While we hope the procedures contained in our guide will never have to be used, it has been designed to help school personnel act quickly and efficiently should a real or potential crisis situation arise.  Well planned emergency procedures not only provide action plans to help deal with major crisis situations, they also facilitate quick and effective intervention that can diffuse a potentially serious situation before it reaches crisis proportions.
Beggs Emergency School Safety Team at US Department of  Homeland Security Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools Train-the-Trainer Course, November 2007, Emmittsburg, MA.
Front Row: Steve Lynch, Beggs High School Assistant A.D.; Bruce Swearingen, Okmulgee Fire Dept.; Cindy Swearingen,  Beggs Middle School Principal; Rick Martin, Beggs School Board Member.  Back Row: Denise Creason, Beggs Schools Public Information Officer; Mrs. Marsha Norman, Superintendent; Karen Freeman, RN, Beggs School Nurse; Officer Chip Smalley, Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office; Judy Disch, LPC, Beggs School Counselor.
Last Modified on October 16, 2007
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