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Beggs Public Schools
Campus Police Dept.
Est. 2004
Officer: Brian Dunegan 
As some of you may know, Beggs Schools is unique in that we have our very own State Approved private police department.  We are not just campus security, but rather BPS Campus Police.
Our department is run by Officer Brian Dunegan, who played a major role in getting the department started.  A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Norman and the school board for their input and deciding to adopt this department for our schools.
Officer Dunegan has a lengthy history of law enforcement experience starting in 1988 for Okmulgee County Sheriffs department as one founding member of the Sheriffs Mounted Patrol.  Officer Dunegan then went through the reserve deputy academy to become a certified reserve officer.  Dunegan continued working for the county as a reserve until 1998 when he joined Beggs Police Department under Chief Dale Adkisson as a reserve for the city.  Dunegan then completed the academy in 1999 to become a State Certified full time officer.  After a couple of years for the city, Dunegan was placed at the schools under this title until he was offered the job as security officer hired by the school system.   It was then that the idea was discussed to form the Campus Police Department.  Officer Dunegan currently has over 900 hours in extra classes for law enforcement education in several different areas.
Currently, Dunegan's main office is at the High School building, but he splits his time between all three schools, and he is on campus any time school is in session ready to help out where ever needed.
Dunegan graduated from Beggs High School, and has lived in Beggs for 30 years.  His wife, Malessa,  works at the Beggs Elementary School.  They have two sons who attend Beggs Schools, four grown children and a grandbaby.   
Last Modified on August 11, 2013
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