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Beggs Public Schools
Policy on Public Participation
at Board Meetings
The Board of Education desires to be open to the public and encourages communication.  However, the purpose of Board meetings is to carry on the business of the Beggs Public Schools in an orderly and businesslike manner.  Therefore, the Board sets the following rules for public participation at Board meetings:
A.  All meetings of the Board will be open to the public.
B.  The Board shall conduct its business pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.  The meetings are not public hearings, but are meetings held in the public.  Spontaneous discussion from the audience will not be permitted.
C.  Information about items on the agenda should be obtained from the Superintendent.
D.  The Board clerk shall ask all visitors to list their names in the visitor's register.
E.  Pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, an item must appear on the posted agenda if discussion and action are to occur.
F.  Requests for permission to address the Board must be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools or the President of the Board in writing no later than seven days preceding a meeting of the Board.  The request shall state the name of the individual or group submitting the request, a telephone number, an address, the purpose of the request and topic to be presented.
G.  The Superintendent of Schools shall confer with the President of the Board concerning whether the requested item should be placed on an agenda and, if so, the appropriate meeting for such discussion.  The Superintendent will respond to all written requests that an item be placed on an agenda.
H.  At the meeting, the President of the Board shall recognize speakers, maintain proper order, and adhere to time limits established by this policy.
1.  A time limit of five (5) minutes is established for individuals addressing the Board.  In rare instances, the President may extend the time an additional three (3) minutes.
2.  Groups or organizations shall designate a spokesperson to address the Board.
3.  The Board reserves the right to limit repetitive comments.
4.  All presentations pursuant to this policy shall be directed to the President of the Board.  No questions or comments shall be directed to Board members except upon approval of the President.
5.  The Board will not tolerate verbal attacks on school personnel or students, nor will it discuss individual students or personnel matters.
6.  Members of the Board and the Superintendent may ask questions of any person who addresses the Board.
7.  Questions from members of the public may be referred to the Superintendent.
I.  This policy does not create a right to address the Board.  The Board reserves complete control over its agenda and the conduct of its meetings.
Adopted: August 9, 1999.
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