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2019 Lady Demon Fastpitch

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2019 Beggs Lady Demons Softball Roster

1                      Haileigh Mills                            Junior                           OF

2                      Emma Mason                           Junior                           OF

3                      Devon Hightower                     Senior                          OF

4                      Hannah Padgett                        Sophomore                  INF

5                      Shelby Caldwell                        Junior                           INF

6                      Callie Kouplen                          Sophmore                    OF

7                      Brooklyn Angielski                   Freshman                     INF/P

8                      Haily Barnes                             Junior                           C/OF

10                    Erynn Churchill                        Junior                           OF

11                    Caylee York                             Junior                           INF/OF

12                    Kaylee Hutton                          Junior                           INF

13                    Hayless Ross                            Freshman                     INF

14                    Madyson Been                         Freshman                     INF

15                    Janessa Harp                            Freshman                     OF

16                    Brylee Williams                       Sophomore                  INF/OF

18                    Joely Speer                              Sophomore                  C

19                    Jasey Pruitt                               Freshman                     INF/OF

21                    Kaci Phelps                              Junior                           P

23                    Chelbi Bevenue                        Freshman                     INF