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Math Projects/Debock



The math projects were "A New Zoo", "Get Out the Map" and "Out of this World".  Each project used math and research to create a presentation that the students gave in class in front of their peers.  Students could also decide to work in groups or individually.  "A New Zoo" required students to research 10 animals then they had to create data graphs and create a map of a zoo.  The students also had to decide after researching the animals how big their enclosure needed to be and they showed area, volume and surface area of each enclosure.  "Get Out the Map" required students to research a place they would like to go on vacation and then figure out how much money they would need and how much mileage was involved.  "Out of this World" required students to determine distance from the sun to 3 to 4 different planets, they had to find the orbital distance the planets traveled, number of man made satellites and moons of the planets and some students went above and determined the cost of the satellites.  The students worked very hard on the projects and had a fun time working together and researching.