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NEO A&M College Contest

Middle School

3rd place- Forensics testing- Jillian R., Scout T.

2nd place- Leadership Challenge-Jillian R., Scout T. and Kaitlin B.

1st place- Medical Technology- Alyssa A., Jillian R. and Kaitlin B.

1st place- Digital Photography- Scout T.

High School

-2nd Structural Engineering- Baylor C. and Carson W.

-1st Transportation Challenge- Easton B.


The following are TSA STATE bound April 10-12 

Jillian R.

Scout T.

Kaitlin B.

Alyssa A.

Gabby B.

Matthew C.

Jaxon R.

Baylor C.

Carson W.

Easton B.

Jasmine B.

Alissa H.