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There is not a point in a child’s life where it begins; it is a continuous process of becoming.

Just like we value all attempts at talking, we should value all attempts at reading and writing.

Children go through the same processes, but at a different pace. They need to be allowed to learn at their own rate. Real learning occurs when they construct knowledge for themselves. They go through the process of constructing theories of how they think things work, then testing those theories to see if they do work. When they figure out which theories do work, they have learned the concept. This type of learning is not forgotten.


Views of Reading:

1. Learning to pronounce words
This is how most adults were taught to read

2. Learning to bring meaning to text in order to understand it
It is influenced by prior knowledge and experiences 


Building Comprehension Skills:

Have a conversation with the child about the story as you read. Make observations about the story, and listen to their observations. If possible, relate the story to the child’s own experiences. Talk about how the characters feel or how the story made you feel. After your child begins to read independently, these conversations are even more important. Encourage the child to make pictures in his/her head when reading or listening.
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