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Our school has recently sent home with your child, permission slips allowing the use of  your childs name and/or photo on our new website.  http://www.beggs.k12.ok.us
In order to place your child on any of our sites, Beggs Public Schools must have permission from a parent/guardian.  Students names and/or photos could be used for:
  • Photos that flash on Homepage or any Subpage
  • Athletic pages
  • Classroom pages (field trips, awards, class projects, etc.)
  • Student Accomplishments
  • Events or Activities they participate in with a group (Sports, Student Council, Band, Ag, Music Programs, etc.)
Most web pages (excluding the flash photos on the Homepage or any Subpage) that contain student photographs will be locked from public viewing.  In order to have access to the locked pages,  a user must  be registered to our site (see instructions on our home page) and assigned parent permission by our website registration office.  Parent identification is made by reviewing enrollment information provided at the first of the year.
If you have any questions please contact our website registration office @ webmaster@beggs.k12.ok.us
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