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What You Can Do During an Earthquake
At first sign of shaking
-Drop to the ground
-Take cover by getting under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture
- Hold on until shaking stops.
Sometimes smaller trmors come before or after a larger earthquake. Because we never know
until the shaking has stopped which quake is the main event , it is essential to DROP, COVER,
and HOLD at the first sign of shaking.
If you are outside---- Move into the open, away from buildings , fences, trees, tall playground
equipment , utility wires, and street lights.
-Kneel or sit down on the ground and cover your head and face with your hands.
-Once in the open , stay there until the shaking stops.
After shaking stops, look around for hazards to determine if it safe for you to move before  getting
up and helping others.
Earthquakes aren't that common but we recently had one and these are a few tips that might help from  FEMA.
Last Modified on November 1, 2010
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