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Greetings to all throughout this holiday season.  Mrs. Swearingen and I just returned from the National REMS Grant  meeting in Santa Monica, California. Just thought I would share with you
a few things to think about using safety first in our school.
1. Bus cameras are being installed on all buses currently.
2. Make sure all unoccupied rooms are locked if not in use.
3. Secure janitor closets .
4. Know where air intake and thermostats are in your area in case we need to turn them off
    during an emergency.
5. We are currently trying to get deadbolts for all classrooms without locks from the inside to
    be better abled to lock down , especially for subs who don't have keys.
6. We will be putting numbers on the outside windows of all classrooms to better identify
      where  emergencies are taking place.(for emergency responders)
7.  We are working on  new evacuation sites in case we can't use the ones across the tracks
      in town. ( Probably Bristow)
8. Water storage in case of major emergency involving school or community.
9.  Panel fence being built for electric area outside high school.
Please e-mail me other major concerns. We are working hard to make our school a safe place
to learn.
Thanks,  Steve Lynch , Project Director BEEMS Grant
Last Modified on December 14, 2010
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