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Tulsa State Fair Information 2015

Time to Order Nomination Kits 
if you are wanting to exhibit livestock at Tulsa State Fair in October 2015 then you need to contact Mr. Markes or Mr. Ross so they can get nomination kits ordered.  Kits must be ordered by June 1, 2015.
Animals that must be nominated to be eligible to show at Tulsa in 2015
Steers:  $10.00 (per kit)
Commercial Heifers: $10.00 (per kit)
Barrow and or Gilts:  $10.00 (per kit)
Wether and Doe Goats:  $10.00 (per kit)
Commercial Ewe:  $10.00 (per kit)
Wether Lamb:  $10.00 (per kit)
Payment must be made before kits will be ordered:  Cash or checks payable to Beggs FFA
for more information:  918-267-3633 or 918-267-0334 
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